Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are typically readily available. It is a matter of finding a date and time that works for all parties.

Appointment duration can vary from 30 to 60 minutes. This depends on what level of certification you are applying for and whether or not you are a new client or not. New clients applying for CAT 1 take the longest and existing client renewals for CAT 3 or 4 take the least.

To make your examination and application process as seamless as possible please bring the following documents and/or items to your appointment:

  • All medications, including over the counter medications that you are currently using
  • Driver’s licence (for identification purposes at your initial appointment)
  • Summary of your past medical history from your family or specialist physicians
  • Last audiogram (if available)
  • Last ECG (if available)
  • Last fasting blood work results (if available)
  • Last vision prescription from your optometrist/ophthalmologist (if applicable)
  • Your eye glasses
  • Your contact lenses (NOTE: do not wear your contact lenses to your appointment, you will put them on during the examination)
  • Your current medical certificate (if applicable)

Not typically. If you have not had your eye glass or contact lens prescriptions done in a long while, this may be a good time to get them done before your medical examination appointment.

Currently, if you require an audiogram, you will need to set up a separate appointment with the audiology clinic. It is best to have your audiogram done before your initial medical, if possible.

Fees vary based on level of certification and whether an ECG is required. Please contact Dr Lombardi for more information.

Once all of your documents are complete and the audiogram results are acquired, your application package is sent by mail to the Toronto Office for Civil Aviation Medicine. You will receive a copy of the documents for your records and another copy is retained by the doctor.

Transport Canada expedites the processing of initial applications. You can expect to hear back from them a few days after they have received the application package from the medical examiner. Existing medical certificate holders will hear back from Transport Canada a bit later as they typically receive renewal of medical certification on the spot, unless there is a change in level of certification or there are medical issues that require review by the Civil Aviation Medicine Officer.