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CAT 4 applicants, please note the exclusions listed for CAT 4 Medical Declarations on the form. If you have a condition listed or do not meet the requirements, you likely require a full medical examination. Please contact us to clarify your situation. The exclusions are listed below for your convenience:

"1. That I have never suffered from any of the conditions listed below:
(A) Epilepsy, fits, or seizures;
(B) Significant head injury;
(C) Severe headaches or migraine;
(D) Diabetes requiring insulin or other medication;
(E) Heart disease, heart attack or high blood pressure;
(F) Coronary by-pass surgery or angioplasty;
(G) Chronic chest, sinus or ear condition;
(H) Chronic abdominal condition requiring medication;
(I) Eye trouble (e.g. vision not correctable to 20/30, inability to pass a motor vehicle vision test);
(J) Nervous conditions requiring therapy or medication;
(K) Recurrent fainting, dizziness or blackout;
(L) Kidney disease/stones:
(M) Any other physical or mental disability;
(N) Alcohol or chemical dependence or abuse;
(O) Any difficulty with hearing or speech.

2. That I have never been denied, on medical grounds
(A) A motor vehicle operators licence;
(B) A civil aviation personnel licence, or permit, or
(C) Life insurance."